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UCB: The Green Way to Buy & Sell Used College Textbooks

Selling and buying used college books locally is definitely more green than doing so long-distance. It requires little or no packing materials or fuel use. But it’s also green in another way. It will save you some green—money, that is--whether you’re a buyer or seller.

You Can Save Money with UCB

Used College Books (UCB) makes it easy to buy and sell used college textbooks.

If you’re a buyer, you can browse UCB’s database for free to find used books on sale where you live. You can also look for UCB ads on local bulletin boards. When you buy locally with UCB, you won’t have to pay shipping and handling charges. That’s a big savings! You can also pay in cash, avoiding credit card fees. Simply arrange to meet the seller on campus to get your used college textbooks quickly at a good price.

If you’re a seller, meeting local buyers through UCB means you won’t have to prepare books for shipment and arrange delivery, and that’s a real time (and money) saver. UCB also gives you two free ways to advertise. You can post the used college textbooks you have to sale on the UCB website. You can also print UCB advertising posters for free, and post them on campus.

The next time you sell or buy used college textbooks, be green and save green at UCB.

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