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Academic Private Tutoring Lessons and IT help in Manhattan NY directly in the city! 

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      If you are looking at this page, congratulations you have found us, the number 1 learning resources and test prep company in Manhattan, Westchester NY, Bergen NJ, and Fairfield County CT.  Introducing Tutoring Services, LLC, the company that specializes in matchmaking tutors with students in academic subject help, test prep for teachers, adults, high school, middle school, elementary and college level students k-12. 


Brief info about our service 

We Value our business and help students reach their highest potential with the help of a dedicated personalized expert, ready to be delivered directly to your footsteps.

At Tutoring Services, LLC, we personally match each student with one of our highly experienced and professional tutors. These tutors are all exceptional individuals, chosen because they meet Tutoring Services, LLC strict criteria. Our agents speak directly with the client in order to evaluate the specific needs and goals of the student, and then carefully consider which tutor will be the best match.

This is a completely personalized experience based exclusively in New York City, and surrounding boroughs and counties. There are no call centers, answering services or representatives.While the company has grown substantially over the last 10 years, I am proud to continue offering my personal (although limited) involvement with each client, each tutor, and each student.  

Where are we heading with our tutoring services?

Technology and education change the world, the concept of education itself is also changing.  Nowadays there is a lot more to learn vs what it used to be many years ago.  With the arrival of the 21st century, it becomes imperative in today's world to become knowledgeable about multiple subject areas of expertise from the early days of our lives. 

Having proper education gives a competitive advantage to your own future self or your children.  We are heading in the direction of helping younger generation or even older folks learn new things, regardless of what these new things are.   

We are not limiting ourselves strictly to academic subject matchmaking.  We are going beyond the just regular type of matchmaking and offering people value by providing multiple methods of learning new subjects. There are many ways to learn new things, some of these ways involve online self-guided courses and other ways involved individualized attention either locally or online. 

We are heading in the direction of simply helping folks learn new subjects not just by hiring a tutor, but by using other methods of learning.  We combine concepts of study guides and tutors, and self-guided courses together as part of our central search engine to help you find the right tutor and study guide. 

Browse our social media network and educational network of websites to learn more.  Additionally, for folks who can't afford local tutors at the price of the agency managed fee plus tutor's hourly rate, we happen to provide another alternative for hiring a tutor where there is no agency recurring fee at all (obviously if there is no agency fee there is less quality of a match and lower quality tutor).  Note Agency recurring fees is what makes tutoring prices skyrocket, we are here to ensure that such behavior doesn't negatively impact Manhattan NY tutoring area market to ensure that students in Manhattan NY have access to affordable education.  

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Plus in addition to academic tutoring services, we also offer IT job placement opportunities and IT training. After, all not everyone wants to learn just Academic subjects, but also want to be the next engineer, or IT, consultant.  Now that you got a better idea of what we offer, consider reading further to see why hiring a tutor may be a good idea.

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The Best Test Prep and Academic Help in Manhattan NY


       We have created a sophisticated platform to allow teachers in the state of CT and NY to work with us as independent contractors delivering tutoring services directly to student's homes in Manhattan NY.  With our unique proprietary tutoring recruitment platform, study guides, and highly specialized subject matter expert delivered directly to your door or online waiting to assist you with your academic test prep needs we are able to provide parents and their students with the high-quality matchmaking services.


Subjects we specialize in


If you need to get matched with one of the tutors in the following subjects, great news we got you covered.   Here are the subjects that we specializing in when it comes to matchmaking tutors with students.

Academic Subjects

Math, Algebra, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Graduate Test Prep




College Test Prep


Middle and High School Test Prep






Adult Education


Teacher Test Prep

NYSTCE, Praxis 2, Praxis



Industrial Trades

Heating and Cooling HVAC 

Information Technology




IT Networking & Cyber Security

Traditional Networking 101








Electronic Programming Arduino

3d Prototyping & Design

Digital Marketing

Pivotal Marketing

Marketing for Businesses in Manhattan NY

Web and App Development

Python, PHP, Java

Mobile App development 

                                                                        Commercial Real Estate Investment   <---This is worth learning more than anything


Areas we service


We cover multiple counties and not just Manhattan county and Manhattan city, but also not so far neighboring counties such as Bergen NJ, Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT  and New Haven County CT as well as neighboring boroughs such as Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. 


Below you will find Tutoring Services that we offer, you can click on any of the images and be taken to each of the images respective videos on our Google Plus social media site to learn more about the service.


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manhattan ny ged sat college prep isee ssat

What type of Tutoring Services do we offer to students residing in Manhattan NY?


       Our learning educational company have created a sophisticated platform to allow teachers in the state of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey to work with us as independent contractors delivering tutoring services directly to student's homes privately and locally and even online.  With our proprietary local tutoring recruitment platform, unique learning educational programs, test prep study guides and highly specialized subject matter experts we can provide your son or daughter with high-quality educational learning results, that can beat any surrounding competition and still provide the most affordable educational options, even if private local home tutoring is not within your budget.


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learn how to create apps for your business 

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helping students get it jobs in cyber security qa software testing and project management

project management training pmp prep directly in Manhattan NY in your home 

IT Training In Manhattan NY Local internship 2 years job placement

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